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ICBC Chiropractic Auto Accident Injury Coverage

Direct billing no charge to you.

Automobile accident

Don’t be misled by the minimal damage to your car. People react much differently than glass, plastic and metal!

Have you been injured in an auto accident? We can help! ICBC (Insurance Corporation of British Columbia) covers chiropractic care and we’ve been selected as one of the few clinics to offer this coverage.

So you’ve been involved in a car accident. Now what?

You don’t need to obtain a referral from a Medical Doctor, you can simply phone our office and schedule your auto accident exam with the front desk team. We’ll need some information from you in order to communicate with ICBC on your behalf, such as your claim number and the name and contact information of your insurance adjuster.

It’s that easy!

Our team will communicate with ICBC so you don’t need to be the “middle-man” during your course of care. Dr. Woodman will recommend a care plan for your injury and communicate the details directly to ICBC. We will also bill ICBC directly, so there’s no out of pocket expense to get started. To book an auto accident exam in our Downtown Vancouver office, simply call (604) 669-3298. We’re here to help!

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